Therapy is a tailor-made process dependent upon individual needs and therapeutic goals.


Assessments can take a variety of forms and be used to assess and better understand children, teens and adults as they move through different life-stages.

Equine Therapy

EAP involves the use of a horse in the therapeutic process in order to assist clients in living more effectively.

The pursuit of therapy

The prospect of seeking out psychotherapy may be one of the most complex decision making processes an individual can engage in. How to choose a therapist? Does seeing a psychologist imply something is wrong with me? Clinical, Counselling or Educational Psychologist? A trusty Google search comes up with a myriad of options, which often results in more confusion!

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Talking to children about violence

In modern society, the face of danger is vast and multifaceted. As a parent, one begins to walk the fine line between fearmongering and educating, with the focus consistently on your child’s safety. Looking abroad, the recent increase in terrorist attacks has seen children being exposed to violence through our borderless access to current affairs. The onslaught of news, pictures and videos comes through phones, televisions, tablets and airwaves.

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Am I living with an alien or an adolescent?

There is much to be said about trying to conduct life around an adolescent. All jokes aside, trying to live with an alien may be too polite a comparison! Adolescence is a time fraught with the pursuit of identity. Erik Erickson described the time as revolving around identity versus role confusion – a time of psychosocial crisis where a person has to resolve a conflict.

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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

EAP is a scientific and systematic form of psychotherapy conducted by a trained psychologist who is assisted by an equine behaviour specialist. The psychologist uses the information gained through the interactions between the client and horse to reach therapeutic goals and alleviate presenting complaints.

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